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Reliable Skip Tracing Services in Austin TX

Bloodhound Investigations LLC is a veteran-owned private investigation firm rooted in our local community. We offer a wide range of reliable skip tracing services in Austin TX, tailored to meet the needs of attorneys and private individuals alike. Our expertise encompasses policy searches, conducting thorough interviews, detailed background checks, skip tracing for locating hard-to-find individuals, collecting various documents, and executing process services with efficiency and discretion. 

Our team, leveraging years of experience and specialized skills in skip trace in Austin TX, is committed to delivering precise and reliable results. We are here to assist, whether for legal support, private investigations, spousal and custody inquiries, or finding someone who seems to have vanished.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate, efficient, and the best skip tracing services in Austin TX, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of expertise for their legal and personal needs with integrity, reliability, and a commitment to excellence.


Our Vision

We envision becoming the leading local authority in private investigations. We are renowned for our veteran-led team’s ability to uncover truth and deliver justice while fostering trust and security within our community.

Clear Steps, Reliable Results

Our strategy is simple and efficient. We first have a conversation with you to learn about your needs. Then, with our extensive network and resources, we design a strategy specifically tailored to your circumstances. We combine on-the-ground work with online research to make sure we cover everything. Our strategy of skip tracing in Austin TX, can change as new information comes up, so we’re always on top of things. You will get a comprehensive report outlining our findings at the conclusion.

Dedicated Approach to Every Project

At our firm, we understand that every case presents its unique challenges and opportunities. We approach each project with tailored skip tracing services in Austin TX, to meet our client’s specific needs and objectives. Our team carefully plans and executes every step, ensuring that we leverage our extensive resources and expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes. We believe in a hands-on, individualized approach in which your objectives become ours and your success equals ours.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailored strategies for each client’s unique needs
  • Expert Team: Veteran-led, experienced professionals at your service
  • Comprehensive Services: From skip tracing to process serving, we cover it all
  • Client-Centric: Your objectives are our top priority, ensuring satisfaction and results
Our Services

What We Offer

Policy Searches

We conduct thorough policy searches, ensuring clients gain access to critical information for legal and personal decision-making. Our detailed approach uncovers essential data, supporting informed strategies and outcomes.


Our skilled team performs comprehensive interviews, extracting valuable insights and information. We ensure accuracy and dependability in the information acquired by conducting each interview with tact and expertise.

Background Checks

We offer detailed background checks, providing clients a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s history. Our checks are thorough, confidential, and tailored to meet client needs.


Our skip tracing services in Austin TX is designed to locate hard-to-find individuals efficiently. Using advanced techniques and technologies, we uncover the whereabouts of missing persons for legal, personal, or business purposes.

Documents Collection

We specialize in accurately collecting documents and ensuring clients receive the necessary paperwork for legal proceedings, personal matters, or business transactions quickly and accurately.

Process Services

Our process services are executed with precision and discretion. We ensure the timely delivery of legal documents, adhering to all regulations and client requirements and facilitating smooth legal processes.
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We serve diverse clients, including attorneys, businesses, and private individuals. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of legal professionals, corporations, and anyone needing private investigative services.

Our background checks are thorough yet efficient, typically completed within a few days to a week, depending on the complexity and the availability of information.

Our network and resources allow us to conduct investigations and serve processes beyond our local area. We can efficiently handle cases nationwide, depending on the specific service required.

Our skip tracing service combines the latest technology with our team’s investigative expertise, enabling us to locate individuals who are challenging to find with a high success rate.

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Reliable and Proven

We’ve been successfully solving cases for 50 years. Because of our expertise, you can rely on us to manage any issue effectively, no matter how complex.

why choose us
Focused on You

We treat every case as unique. Our team listens to your needs and creates a plan just for you. With us, you get a service that’s made to fit your specific situation.

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